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About us

Our company, Asesor Consulting Ltd was established for monitoring and handling tenders and giving all related advices. In line with the growing demands we cover all needs, increasing the service with highly qualified colleagues and building on large experiences.

Giving a helping hand in the related burocracy, administration and in all steps. Our company is monitoring all announcements daily in line with topics you are involved and giving lists about preferred items.

Project Management
Our company is covering the following tasks: Permanent monitoring of tenders; Making plans for the projects and adjustment with the client; etc.
Technical Expertise
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Public Procurement

Monitoring EU as well as local public procurement announcements and possibilities. Giving advices and handling  public procurement applications for EU and local possibilities.

Economic Consulting

Business and financial studies and advices (preparing business plans, financial studies  related to investments, visibility studies and monitoring all contracts and daily operation plans, decision making studies) optimizing and racionizing business flows, solving HR related problems.

EU Consulting

EU membership: giving all relevant information regarding EU in general; getting the necessary publications; Reporting INTRASTAT; Advisory activity, etc.

Our Services